Full Swing Pre-Shot Commitment


What does it mean to “full-swing” commit yourself to your pre-shot commitment?

If you’ve been watching my video segments on improving your game from the mental side of golf, you’ve probably heard me saying each time that you should fully commit to your pre-shot commitment.

The pre-shot commitment is all about being in control. It’s about realizing that you’re in charge once you step in the tee.

It’s also all about understanding that you’ve practiced and learned the best you can and it’s time for you to trust yourself that you could pull off everything and you could do it as perfect as possible.

I’m not saying that when you take six feet behind the ball, you’re already ready and you don’t have to think of anything because you’re already good. To be honest, that last sentence is great motivation. That could be one of the many thoughts that may work for you. Feel what you want to feel except being worried.

Once you square up your belt buckle, I want you to pick your target line to your shot, then call your shot. Call that you want to hit a solid birdie from the green you’re about to head to once you make this swing.

This helps engage your brain’s visual mechanism allowing your body to prime itself to make that shot that would get you to the place you need to go. It also engages your brain to fully concentrate on your targets.

Now, when you make your swing, don’t check where you are. Focus on your target, see where the ball is headed.

Once you focus on the end result, your body follows and you achieve your objective. This is the full swing pre-shot commitment.

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