Eating Right On The Golf Course


Eating Right On The Golf Course

To eat right is to understand what the body needs.

Now, when I say eating, I don’t look like the authority on eating right and living healthily on the golf course. But I do try.

The body needs two things: good nutrition and hydration.

The brain is made up of fluids, which explain why hydration is important. If the brain takes up all the hydration from your body and even then has insufficient hydration, one couldn’t think straight.

Now, drinking coffee injects caffeine into your system. Coffee, especially those laced with sugar, would create a sudden spike in energy levels. This can cause over-reaction of your nerve endings, causing some feelings akin to uncertainty or anxiety.

Colas with sugar does the same thing to you.

Beer itself has plenty of sugar and calories you don’t really need. This makes it a big liability if consumed in game.

Water is what the body wants and what it needs. Drink water regularly to give your brain the hydration it needs.

Now, when you’re about to eat, don’t reach for the potato chips. Instead, reach out for a granola bar.

Don’t go for peanut butter crackers; they’re not the same as energy-boosting peanut butter sandwiches.

The best options would be to eat apples and bananas, which provides nutrition and hydration at the same time.

Don’t consume desserts, cakes and even hotdogs and burgers during a game as they would drag you down and imbalance your hydration and nutrition.


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