Dealing With Large Front-Lip Bunkers


If you’ve been watching the PGA as much as I did, you would see the fear and panic that besets both professional and amateur golf players whenever they encounter a large front-lip bunker.

The legendary and dreadful bunker that may remind you of Sarlacc from Star Wars is one place you don’t want to be. If you’ve been watching the PGA tour once again, you would have seen that even the biggest pros don’t want to be there and you’ve seen players add one stroke to another when they’re in this artificial hell.

But you don’t have to make it a punishment for yourself. Instead, you should see it as a learning opportunity. Of course, you should not see it as such during an actual game. During your practice, try this little exercise.


When walking inside the bunker, don’t be overwhelmed with what’s happening. Instead, try to focus on using challenges as a way to find yourself to better ground the next time you’re in a front-lip bunker.


During your practice time, you can peg two tees on top of the lip you want to surpass. Your brain would activate itself and function to focus on your target and mentally call and measure what is needed. If you’ve practiced enough, your muscle memory knows how to estimate and make a viable shot.

Remember, when your brain visualizes, it trusts your body to make the necessary adjustments to achieve your goal. Don’t pressure yourself. Don’t think about your technique. Trust your swing, go through your pre-shot commitment.

Take the shot and let it go. I did, and it flew up there nearer the hole. Nice!

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