How Do You Cope with a Bad Putting Day


How Do You Cope with a Bad Putting Day

So what do successful people do when they have a really bad day? Here is what I try to do:

Name it
Feeling lousy is part of life. It is okay to feel pain and more important not to run from it. The most important thing you can do when bad news arrives is to take a moment to acknowledge it. Name it and let it settle in. Talk to people about it and shine a light on it through your words and actions.

Keep your routine
If you are successful, you are already a disciplined person who lives by good habits. Hold on to as many of those habits as possible. Even when it’s hard. It’s why I kept working out last week — despite feeling sick. We cannot stop bad things from happening, but we can control how we react to them. Get back to as much of what you did before things went astray.

Go, go, go
We all endure difficult times and have bad days. Depending on what happened, the deep pain can last for a few moments or several months. Some of us live affected our entire lives. Set small, achievable goals each week to keep yourself moving forward. Respect what has happened and keep an appreciation for what you have.

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