Club Championship


Club Championship

During the 80s and 90s, golf clubs would hold tournaments and plenty of participants would gather. I myself had participated in such and I enjoy it. I like the feeling like I’m a PGA tournament player. I love the feeling of competing and having fun at the same time with people I play with.

That’s how golf should be, thinking about it right now.

But club championships sometimes derail us because of the tension and demands for success. But you shouldn’t think of it that way. Instead, you should think that it is an awesome opportunity to have fun and relax.

You don’t need another stressor aside from your work. Here are three things I want you to remember as you play in your club’s championship.

Always have the right attitude.

What I mean here is unless you’re a professional PGA player who cashes out when they participated in tournaments worldwide and should win, focus on having fun. Work to beat the people you’re playing with but don’t try to prove to yourself anything. We’ll get to that on the third item.

Competition is important. It brings out the best in us. We deliver our best efforts to allow us to succeed against other players. In short, it allows us to genuinely practice, focus on our trouble spots and make the best golf we can.

But we often fail because we expect to win and forget to have fun. Remember, you played golf because it is therapeutic to see a ball fly and go where you wish it to go. The best way to play and stay competitive? Have a plan, practice your best but don’t expect that you would so easily win, or that you would win because you’re the best. That’s a recipe for disaster.

So go out there and enjoy the game. You’re playing golf, after all!

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