Call Your Shot


Call Your Shots

You’ve positioned the ball straight underneath your belt buckle. You’ve checked your backswing and your finish and everything’s good to go. When you swing, you feel the energy and gracefulness of your total movement.

You can definitely feel that you’ve outdone yourself with that swing.

But the reality is that the swing was the only part right.

You landed your ball somewhere very far where you couldn’t imagine. In short, it puts you further forward to a potential bogey, which is very painful for your scores.

I understand your pain. I often teach this little trick that might seem silly for some but it really does the job for the most part of your game.

If you’ve played basketball or you’ve seen a one-on-one basketball game, you’ve probably heard them call their shots.

It involves shouting out your target in the horizon.

Many golfers struggle with two things; their swing form and their ball target.

Often, because of too much training or attention to detail probably, they would rather focus on their swing. This is normal and understandable; you’ve been putting time in the range for sure.

So, to help you re-focus on your target, I want you to call your shot.

Your lips should move and your voice should come out.

For example, I have an 8-iron in my hand. I call that it’s going to go past those trees and it’ll land about 10 yards left of the bunker pit. This little vocal exercise helped me commit to my target. My mind stimulates an invisible line allowing me to see the ball’s possible flight path and where I need it to go.

Do this again before you swing . You’ll see the difference!

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