Bad Weather



Bad Weather

Last week probably was your most amazing game in this particular golf resort. The lies seemed to agree with you. Your swings were perfect. Your mind was focused that you would get the gold for your team. You almost did with a silver but you still long to get something more and make your game as effective as it can be.

But this weekend as you arrive, the weather is not quite cooperative. You might not have the chances of earning a gold because the weather is bad.

I’ve once worked with a really good stormy weather player. All that he said was “we all have to play and I have to keep things simple.

To be a great golf player it is essential that you can play in all types of weather conditions including those that you can’t seem to wrap your finger around.

Some players are worried that they would get hypothermia due to the cold weather. Some are worried that they would spoil their clothes or rust their clubs. Some would think that their shoes can get spoiled by the mud.

But that’s the fun part of it. That bad player I mentioned? All he thinks about is how to get the ball onto the green.

As I would often say, lower your expectations and hit the shot. It’s not just you who’s playing the situation but everyone else is facing the same handicap. When you make the choice how to play in these bad weather conditions you allow yourself to commit to your shot and engage your mindside golf effectively.

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