How To Avoid Fearing The Long Bunker Shot


How To Avoid Fearing The Long Bunker Shot

You’ve seen this situation.

PGA stars often find themselves in it. When the find the solution outside the dreaded bunker bowl, you know people would cheer. Even I myself would cheer.

But right now, you see that I’m not in the best plain. I have a 35-yard bunker shot. Just like PGA stars, it’s a very difficult shot.

What separates most professionals from amateur players is their fight-or-flight mechanism; do you face the challenge or rise up to it.

I say, don’t turn from it, face it.

In my situation, I estimate I have about 35 yards to the hole and about 25 yards to the green. I have lots of green to work with here. Can I make a high bunker shot? My instinct tells me that only gives me a 30% chance of securing the green from the bunker.

So I’ll have to adjust. I need a long bunker shot to get me right out of here.

Using a tee, I can visualize where I want my shots to land. The focus of the tee is to give me a visible target that allows my mind to automatically make the measurements needed to succeed with my long bunker shot.

Right here, I have a 52 degree wedge. I didn’t choose a sand or lob wedge because I want my ball to run to the hole, not just take off and land somewhere in the green.

Here’s where the twist is. When you make your shot, you have to fully commit yourself to the shot. No need to worry about the consequences. Just hit behind the ball.

If you need some technical aspect of this shot, you can refer to Shawn Humphries.

I lucked out with my shot. Beat that, Shawn Humphries!

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