The Secret of Tee Heights


PGA players often worry less when teeing their ball; it’s second nature to plug that little tee in and place the ball where it stands during the start of a match.

It might seem like a little thing. However, I’ve known several golfers who took this little detail quite lightly and had them end up with a bad round of golf.

Tees are meant to help the driver deliver the ball from the start point up to its first stroke landing point in the farthest, best way possible. Proper teeing is important if you want to hit more fairways.

Now, I have three typical tee setups here.

The first one on the rightmost side is probably the highest teed-up ball you’ll ever see. The tee barely touches the ground. This is a bad position because it places the ball above the driver’s line, which makes the ball difficult to control as it hits the top side of your driver.

The second one in the middle is a bit more sunk into the ground but is still above the driver’s line, making it quite more difficult to control and can introduce spin at an instance.

The last one at the leftmost side is the right way to tee the ball to hit further. Being a bit below the driver line, the ball has less tendency to spin. This gives it better propelling power to travel better distances and land on freeways efficiently.

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