Test Your Game


Test Your Game

As with any well-oiled machine or newly-designed and assembled mechanism, stress testing is vital. Even banks do it. This allows one a clear perspective on the outcome of strategies — namely the reliability of one’s style and approach to certain problems and achieving certain predictable solutions.

In short, one’s short golf game consists of probabilities that even loose measures could help one predict the outcome.

To stress-test your strategy, take it how I play my practice game right here. We’ve got 9 holes to play. Now, position yourself in the most critical area of the game; the last 125 yards approaching the hole.

This distance is as intense as it gets.

You have a plethora of golf skills you’ve developed in the last six months or even years of playing. But the most crucial ones should involve your pitching, chipping and putting. These three are the last three swings you need to make sure your 125 yard game is well-played and your strategies truly work.

Concentrate on your full swing and see if you can get it close enough to the hole in just one swing.

An in-depth understanding of your wedges and how to get out of trouble shots or avoid them with proper bunker play is also essential.

One’s course strategy should often be thoroughly tested to find the most predictable route one takes when playing a decisive game of golf.

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