Never Miss a Chip Shot Again


Never Miss a Chip Shot Again

Dreaded chip shots need you to create solid contact while ensuring proper force is applied to ensure strength and speed.

If you want to never miss a chip shot, these are what you need to do.

Usually, in a downhill chip shot, you just need to hinge your club to create a descending blow. This also allows you to create solid contact. You won’t really miss your attack if you hinge the club and deliver the blow effectively.

This shot does not elevate your ball in the air as much as you need. As per chipping, you just need the right amount of lift, lob and spin to arrive to your visualized target.

As you set up to it, spot that your slope is going down in the following direction. In this demonstration, it’s going downhill. So I’m going to load up on the left side and practice my hinging and the contact point before I take the shot.

Make this a routine. Concentrate on your descending blow’s contact to ensure you get about a 90-100% chance of successfully hitting your downhill line for most games that need it.

With enough practice, you’ll get the hang of it and you won’t miss any type of chip shot ever again!

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