Mastering Takeaway


Mastering Takeaway

Let’s define what’s a takeaway.

This is the part of your backswing where you get the club on plane during your backswing. The precision movement allows you to create solid impact and better shots during chipping, pitching and even your drive.

How do you master your takeaways?

First, when you set up your normal swing, observer your belt-buckle closely. The handle must point towards your belt-buckle.

Once you have this set up, the grip must then run around your belt line before you line up the club on your backswing plane.

This little technique allows you to get the club on plane

You must be able to work it back and feel that your shoulders are turning smoothly to the back.

Practice doing this repeatedly until you can manage to get your club on plane during your backswing and outside of your backswing into impact.

The simple postural conditioning allows you to add solid impact, which creates distance for pitches and chips.

This technique also works effectively if you need to use advanced techniques to get out of bunker “fried egg” situations or have a controlled pitch into areas with numerous obstacles and limited moving spaces.

Give it a try, I know you can have some success with it! Good luck!

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