Mastering the Lob Shot


Mastering the Lob Shot

If you’ve ever been trained to do anything with a lob shot, it would be to set up to it, open your face and your stance and cut underneath.

This is a difficult technique because you need to cut across the ball with the face open so that the ball will go towards your intended line. If the face is pointing right, the path has to go left. One has to know how much open clubface is needed to succeed in this technique.

But I’ve got an alternative technique. Instead of cutting across, why don’t we just make our own natural swing work for us.

I’ve got a shaft drilled inside a sandwedge here to demonstrate the direction of a normal lob shot. Where the shaft points the clubface goes. So when the face is pointed right, your lob shot goes to the left.

This time, you just line up the handle and look at where the shaft points. That is where the ball must go, not the other way around. Lower the handle and allow yourself to square up.

By lowering the handle, you open the clubface towards the position of the target path. Without having to depend on a right clubface, you can manage to use your natural swing and get the ball to where you need it to be.

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