Master Your Distance Wedges


Master Your Distance Wedges

Mastering your sand wedge can be a tough cookie. But if you do get the hang of it, the wedge becomes a handy tool for any kind of situation.

Wedges are amazing to get yourself the right drive or chip out from a bunker of trouble.

To master your wedges, I’ll need you to use a tour stick and your sand wedge for good measure.

Place the tour stick at the front of your feet facing the direction your swing would travel.

Place your hands , gripping the club tightly around the height of the grip, at your 8’o clock swing position. Do a full shoulder turn until you reach the top of your swing at this point.

Now, hit your ball and see how far you hit the ball with this combination.

If you’re satisfied, then allow your arms to head further up into the 9’o clock position. Again, follow through with your swing and see the distance your ball travels using this particular sand wedge.

Now, place your arms further up into the 10’o clock position and see how you hit the club against the ball and the distance the ball travels with this particular combination. Keep on repeating the steps with your gap and your pitching wedge.

The distance differences you’re seeing will be handy when you need to use a particular tool to do a certain task. The exercise allows you to master each one of your wedges and use them effectively in-game.

As with everything, always practice, practice and practice. I know you will have some success with it. Good luck!

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