Lower Is Better


Lower Is Better

Imagine this.

I’ve got lots of green to cover from my shot. I’m almost close to the hole. I don’t want to have a bogey.

Unfortunately, lots of bunkers are also looking at me from every angle. Fortunately, fairways are all around these bunkers.

I would need a shot that’s relatively high but low enough to approach the hole.

So, what do I need to do?

I’ll give you a tip. I’m using a 5-iron for this one.

I’ll grip the club midway to allow myself a lower angle while launching the ball relatively high up in the air.

I would place the ball a ball away from my belt buckle towards my right foot. I would lean 70% of my weight to my left leg.

Once I reach the impact point, I would hold my angle through impact. It is important to see that your club lags. Lag can help elevate your ball enough and give it a spin that would help it travel upwards the fairways towards the green.

Remember to aim for the left to avoid the bunkers ahead.

As you can see from the video, my example has allowed me to get lower than par with this form.

With practice, I know you could achieve this too!

Good luck!

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