Knock Down Shots


Knock Down Shots

That forest was the focal point of your stress when you took that ball and only needed one shot to get close to the hole. That second erroneous shot sent you right through the forest and in the middle of two trees.

You’re going to need your low-flight shots for this one. It isn’t that complicated. But you need to practice it to remember that it is part of your arsenal.

Here are what I need you to do.

First, take the same swing you have and set up to it.

My normal setup includes having the ball in the middle of my stance. But to lower my ball flight and create my knock-down swing, I’m going to move back one ball position ahead of my club’s impact point. This allows the clubface to hit the ball in a low-flight pattern upon impact with enough force to send it for longer distances.

A word of warning: once you get into impact, make sure to de-loft your club. The clubface must hit your ball at a straighter angle. You can achieve this by lowering your shaft. Take your normal finish to ensure your ball flies to your target directly in full force.

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