Dreaded Chili Dip


Avoiding The Dreaded Chili Dip

It’s a really nice treat — chili dips, wouldn’t you say?

But it’s a dreaded issue when you’re playing in a game of critical skill.

Most novice to amateur golfers make this mistake; the club gets into the ground.  No one can blame them if they have no idea of why it happened or how.

But chili dipping is a big swing issue. But one that comes with a very simple solution.

I had two tour sticks stick their butts off the ground so they look like bug antennae or rabbit ears. The right down-pointed tour stick is where our shots usually come in and dig themselves into the ground.

We want to avoid that. We can do this by doing our swing on the left tour stick in this video. The left and right of these sticks depend on my orientation, so it may be the opposites as you view it.

But the point is, my swing uses the other tour stick as a sort of ramp to elevate my swing, avoid turf and hid my shot effectively.

Take slow practice shots. You can feel that it gives you less turf and your swing is taking a proper finish.

Give it a try, with practice I know you can do it effectively.

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