Dig Into The Sand Fairway Bunkers


Dig Into The Sand Fairway Bunkers

Nobody wants to end up in a fairway bunker. But about 50% of your all your golf games, some of them would mean contending inside a fairway bunker.

Have your mental game in check and to improve your mood further, it would be best to have this technique I’ve developed to get out of fairway bunkers handy.

So, when I set up to it, the ball position is just the same as I’m hitting a fairway shot. The ball is in the center of my belt buckle and I take a few practice strokes.

To avoid any mistakes, I’m going to dig in my right foot into the sand. It’s not because I want to really get down and dirty. The sand locks my right foot into the sand and it helps avoid rotation.

In this way, I’ve locked my swing. I can finally create the angle and make the shot.

With just a few more practices in the bunker, you could get out of this situation effectively. But you will need to keep in mind that I was using an 8-iron here. A different iron must be needed especially if you’re dealing with a fried egg.

Good luck. I know you could do well with this technique!

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