Avoid the Trouble


Avoid The Trouble

Here is how things work with course strategy. We look for potential trouble spots and if we can’t help it, we take the trouble spot. But we quickly turn away our golf ball from it.

I know it’s a little confusing to understand. But look at where I’m having trouble right now.

I’m about to cut through the meat of it all. I’ve got two slopes on my left and right. One of the slopes I need to head to is right next to a water hazard. You all know what we feel with water hazards. But there’s no way I could go through having a shot closer to par if I don’t shoot left and allow the ball to roll further down the hole.

So I’m going to need to hit it to the left, then turn away and head towards the right. I know it’s risky, but if you have to make par, taking risks is a big part of playing golf.

You can see my shot go effectively into the green after analyzing the risk areas of my shot and taking the area with enough risk to get us nearer to par!

With a little bit of practice, I’m confident you’ll succeed! Good luck!

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