Arm Speed Versus Body Speed


You’re about a few yards more away from your next hole. To make par, you must make long drives. Your shots must make it to the fairways and towards the green with few strokes as possible.

Without proper practice in adding speed to your swing, it is not possible to create a long drive. Proper practice involves differentiating between your arm and body speed.

What is arm speed? It’s the speed where your shoulders are locked in your swing position and the body understands its ability to turn before you make the shot. The faster your arms move without your body moving, the faster your strokes.

When you set up to it, make sure you create a nice space in the width.

The speed comes from your arms. Your arms should be held back to your body. This would allow you to add more speed and make your swings faster.

Of course, with speed comes a few inaccuracies that practice could straighten out. With proper repetitions and form, speed becomes second nature. Again, speed creates drive.

Always remember, eliminate the body to create the speeds you need for long drives. Keep practicing on balancing your speed. Your body speed is irrelevant if you want a perfect long drive.

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