Taking Control and Investing In Your Health Are The Secrets To Aging Well

Exercise, proper nutrition and good stress management are the controllable factors to aging well.

Of course, you can’t reset your chronological clock. But you can affect your physiological age, to the good or bad, by 20 years.

That means the average 50-year-old can choose to feel like 70 or 30, depending on how they spend their time and control what goes in their mouth. That’s a swing of 40 years! Take your pick.

You don’t need research to emphasize the importance of lifelong activity. Logic says that leaving your car in park for 20 or 30 years doesn’t win a prize at the vintage car show. Common sense dictates that you care for the things you want to last. Turn the key after a few decades of sitting and all you get is whining.

Interestingly the exercise prescription and principles for aging adults is no different than the protocol for 20-year olds. Sure, the lead-up, intensity and learning curve may vary. But all age groups respond the same. In fact, those who have been sedentary tend to make quicker, more dramatic gains due to the fact that they’ve been inactive.

Are some people too lazy to exercise? Sure, if you define lazy as tired, demotivated and poorly conditioned.

If you’ve ever watched the show where personal trainers gain 50 pounds to better understand their clients, you know that fatigue and depression sets in quickly. Inactivity and junk food have a way of doing that. Are they lazy? Again, is your car lazy if you let it sit for 20 years and then expect it to perform? Not being lazy requires attention!

To make matters worse, the long climb to better health can feel insurmountable, especially when we’ve come to expect instantaneous solutions.

The trainers on TV regained their finely tuned physiques very quickly because they had already developed the coping mechanisms required to reverse the affects of sedentary living. You see, healthy living isn’t just about avoiding hamburgers and laying around — it’s about practice, willpower and consistency.

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