No One Can Outrun a Bad Diet

No One Can Outrun a Bad Diet

I still remember the first few days I started to work out. I told myself I needed to lose weight but I wanted to order that Big Mac still at least once a week.

So I went for the best high-impact cardio exercise there was. With 30-minutes of non-stop jumping and aerobics, it was pummeling and tiring. But I lost about 300 calories daily because of this 30 minute exercise.

Still couldn't let it go. Isn't this delicious?

Still couldn’t let it go. Isn’t this delicious?

The recommended calorie intake for males is 1,500 calories. By eating just a pair of wheat bread and some nicely-prepared chicken, I took about 500 calories during my lunchbreaks.

Unfortunately, I ate a Big Mac every Wednesday and it gave me a whopping 1,500 calories. That’s already the single diet I have.

But I haven’t had knowledge that I was only losing 300 calories daily from my aerobics cardio exercise.

So after three weeks, I judged my workout as not having any results.

Aerobics and jogging didn't work with my diet.

Aerobics and jogging didn’t work with my diet.

Thinking I needed more intense workouts, I tried out the P90x. That too, didn’t work out. I still ate the Big Mac during Wednesdays.

I’ve tried countless others more and each of them had dramatically failed because I still ate that Big Mac.

Right then and there, I thought I could outrun a bad diet by offsetting it with exercise. But bad diets, especially continuous consumption of processed food, results in killing the entire exercise spree of my last three weeks.

So for the next three weeks, I returned to doing that 30-minute high-impact workout. But I ditched the Big Macs.

When I checked the weighing scale this morning, I’m just glad to see the needle pointed from 210 to 205.

Not exactly a pin but... okay!

Not exactly a pin but… okay!

Now that’s an amazing start.

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