No Lunch For The Back Nine


No Lunch For The Back Nine

It’s never a great situation when you wake up late during your Friday, Saturday or Sunday 18 hole game. You miss the first part of your breakfast and you couldn’t get a bite to eat. You’ve snuck in a few nuts during your front nine. During your back nine you feel yourself slowing down.

Preoccupied with other inevitable activities, you again miss lunchtime and you will need more nourishment. I’m pretty sure it’s a common situation for many.

Here are a few things I can advise you to do.

  • First, you need large doses of protein. But because it’s only five minutes until your next game, eating those nuts again will definitely help.
  • Get something that wouldn’t bother your insulin and sugar levels too much. You need something that would give you large doses of energy for the back nine.
  • Nuts, crackers with cheese or peanut butter or even wheat bread in the clubhouse or vending machines can help you get through the course quickly.

Golfers who eat too heavy before their game find themselves in a war between insulin and their sugar. Insulin stops sugar in its tracks because too much sugar in the bloodstream could make you feel too elated and hyperactive to function. Insulin, however, immediately kills energy levels, leaving you in a state of tiredness.

Don’t let your digestive track get in the way of your better golf. Dine well for a better game!

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