Hydration and Electrolytes


You’re in the midday sun. Noontime is not the most fun time for golf; you’re going to sweat buckets. You’re going to lose lots of energy in the process. But not as lots as athletes do.

Because we perspire, we need to re-hydrate by drinking anything from water to juices. But hydration sources are not similar to electrolyte sources. In particular, they are not really related.

Mineral or spring water and energy drinks will contain electrolytes including various minerals and salt that give your body energy to perform its golfing activities. But electrolytes aren’t limited to these.

The food you eat also contains electrolytes. Sugary and salty food tend to raise your electrolyte levels too high, causing an energy spurt that could crash in an instant.

The best way to achieve a limitation on your energy levels is to consume electrolytes you could get out of fruits and vegetables. Given these are also complex carbohydrates they break down in proper timing instead of going all out in a single energy spurt. This is aside from the minerals that serve as your electrolytes through the remainder of your course.

So eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. It can be hard to sweat out or lose electrolytes in normal activities but if you’re playing golf, you’re in for a massive energy drain, requiring some good electrolyte sources in the process.

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