Majority of any athlete’s body is made up of water. Our body runs on water and our blood is liquid in form. Athletes must always hydrate their bodies whenever needed and possible. The lack of water can cause dehydration and even fainting. It’s the same for golfers; we use much of our body’s muscles to deliver that perfect golf hit. Add the sun’s heat in the course and a recipe for health disaster can abound

That is, without water.

Hydrate For Proper Cardiovascular Health

Blood volume continues to rise as you use your muscles and joints when you create that perfect swing. This means it’s also used up faster than your heart creates them, so they must work harder to pump the reduced amount of blood. Dehydration makes the blood run out faster during physical activities, which is why you should always have a ready sip of water at the ready.

Keep Yourself Cool

Water not only cleanses, but it replenishes your body’s strength and cools your entire body. It’s a hot day during golf games. Have water expand the blood vessels close to your skin’s surface to help you have more blood flow and more heat dissipated in the air. Use that mechanism to regain your strength and take care of your health.

Help Your Muscles And Joints Work Better

Cramps are the result of a lack of water inside and outside the cells of contracting muscles. It also provides adequate nutrients and can remove the cell waste effectively for optimum body performance. Water also lubricates your joints, which are essential when you make that winning swing during your back 9.

Help Recover From Fatigue Quickly

Dr. Rob Parker recommends drinking lots of water after a winning game or any type of game. This is to recover your body’s lost water supply and help you combat fatigue. Cells need all the water they can get to perform activities that help you get good sleep and the restoration of damaged cells and body systems.

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