The Five Golf Endurance Nutrition Myths We Should Dispel IMMEDIATELY!

Golf is an endurance sport. Hours spent in perfecting the right swing mechanism. Days spent in the course trying to figure out the right strategy. Golf endurance nutrition isn’t just for the physical; you’ll be using your brain juice to have the perfect swing to use the right amount of strength and power to deliver your ball to the far reaches near the hole.


To guarantee your endurance, people tell you to avoid so many things that are unhealthy. But the truth is, you need those unhealthy things to improve your golf game!

What Golf Endurance Nutrition Myths Are These? Here they are!

  1. Sugars

People tend to tell you to avoid simple sugars during a game. Glucose is the primary form of sugar and our body stores them and makes them glycogen. Complicated sugars found in fruits and high-fiber diets are equally important. But when you’re in a tough situation that you need immediate energy to go for the extra long, physical run, it’s simple sugars to the rescue!

  1. The Right Nutrition

People tell you your diet should consist of more carbohydrates and some fat and protein if you want to endure the physical and mental strains of golf. Most of them would recommend having 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. Let’s break it down in this way:

If you’re doing some stamina and endurance exercises yourself, you’re going to need more carbs than the golden ratio. You might have to double up if you run thrice weekly. You’ll need more protein and some fat if you’re doing some lifting. If you’re doing some circuit training, then you’ll need to have more fat and protein in your diet.

  1. Loading Up On Carbohydrates Before A Game

Most will tell you that you should increase your carbohydrate intake a few hours or even days before your game to help recover muscles you’ve spent during your training. However, this is not always necessary. While it may induce a placebo effect that it gives you energy, it has no use whatsoever.

A research regarding runners loading up on carbohydrates indicates that in longer races where adequate carbohydrate is consumed an hour before and during the game shows that carbo-loading isn’t what it is cracked up to be.

  1. Drink To Prevent Dehydration

If you want to build stamina, lay off the water jug for a while. During an intense swing and golf game, it is impossible to absorb ingested fluid as much as the body loses fluid during sweating. But if you have large lax times in the course or you’re not particularly building on stamina, you could always get a drink (of water) or two to go with you in the game.

  1. More Fat = Better Endurance

Most athletes believe a high-fat diet increases the muscles’ reliance on fat for fuel during exercises. In turn, athletes believe this increases endurance by sparing the muscles’ limited glycogen energy sources. This is not relatively true. Your body may rely on fat for more energy, but it does not guarantee a better performance. Again, if this is useful to you as a placebo effect, it is harmless and athletes can still use it to their advantage.

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