Five Ways To Sneak In Some Golf Exercises In Your Hectic Schedule

Anyone who plays golf loves the sport and to improve would mean to exercise. But no one can blame you if your work schedule does not permit you to exercise as much as you would hope for your favorite sport. Work is a part of life. However, if there’s a will, there’s definitely going to be a way.

Like you, we love golf and sneaking some exercise into our daily routines is not only fun but it has improved our game mileage more than we could ever hope for!

  1. You Got One Hour

Want to get fit from your office? Don’t just sit in your cubicle during lunch time. Find ways to do some walking when you’re about to get lunch.

For example, select the farthest restaurant from your office. You could map out a walking route and try new dishes elsewhere. The farther, the better. Of course, be sure to map it out before leaving to make sure you got some spare minutes to breathe once you come back into your cubicle.

If you’re going to do this, have a spare shirt. You will likely be perspired by the time you return to the cubicle. But then, you’ve just done some great wonders for your heart!

  1. After Work Exercises

After work, try to evade friends who are looking to you to go eat out or have a bottle of beer to drink. Maybe try something new. If you’ve still got energy, why not pick up barbells or do some shoulder exercises for less than an hour when you get home? I believe this can be helpful.

Before doing so, it is advised that you consult a physician to see whether your body is fit for post-work activities.

  1. Line Abs Workout

Waiting in line in the subway or bus station? There’s a great exercise for your core that’s sure to stabilize your swing. Keep flexing your abs for 10 seconds and repeat this until you reach the end of the line or you are tired.

While this may sound funny, it’s also beneficial; the flexing allows your abs’ muscles to develop gradually. While not as fast as usual exercise, there is progress at the very least.

  1. Take The Stairs Day

Once a week, schedule a day where you’ll take the stairs all the way up to your office, or at least five floors above until you take the elevator. Going up stairs allows you to improve your cardio muscles and your leg muscles. Bring a towel or spare shirt with you as you go up to clean up after yourself because perspiration and physical improvement is on the way.

  1. Carry Two Bags

Helping out the spouse when it comes to home shopping? If you’ve got a small list, you don’t have to bring a shopping cart with you. Instead, use two bags. You could just bring the bags along with you if you happen to live nearby. Doing this once a week keeps your arms sharp and have a great workout.

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