Everday Snacks Fruits And Veggies


Everyday Snacks Fruits and Veggies

It’s not golfing day. It’s that time of the day when you just get home, turn on the TV and watch some good series. This is the lifestyle almost every golf player might have after work. And who can blame them?

It’s a hard day’s work having to go 8 hours on a daily basis five times a day. You just want to chill. But you’ do want to improve with your golf, right? All it takes is a simple replacing of your favorite snacks with some healthier options. Fruits and veggies aren’t your first bet, but they will definitely be best for you.



What do you do when you get home? Grab the first soda can or bottle that you see from the fridge. Colas and sugary, carbonated drinks give you an energy boost. To be honest, they’re useful if you’re doing some highly-athletic activities where instant energy is needed.

A better alternative is to drink water. Sugar can raise insulin levels in your blood, which in turn, produces more fructose. Fructose is stored energy that gets turned into fat eventually by your body.

Protein Bar

Don’t grab the first chocolate bar you see either. Why don’t you just replace your favorite caramel-coated goodness with something that’s healthier. How about a protein bar? A nut bar is the best option for anybody who has a sweet tooth. Oatmeal bars may not exactly taste like chocolate, but they are satisfying as they can indulge your craving for something in your stomach.


Potato chips this, potato chips that; let’s change the definition of couch potato to pretz potato. Pretzels are as yummy as potato chips. They’re also less salted and more crunchy. Isn’t that the charm of potato chips? Yummy and crunchy? But pretzels are healthier because they aren’t cooked or processed.

Most of them are baked, allowing your body to avoid the fattiest of oils there is.


Ice cream isn’t everything that’s sweet and creamy. While there are limited options for yogurt when it comes to flavor and you might be stingy about its taste being a bit sour, it’s the best option there is.

Yogurt can smoothen your skin, help your stomach cope with indigestion and won’t even add to your collection of fructose that’s currently in your body. Whoa!

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