Should I Change My Sleep Routine for a Better Golf Game?


Should I change my sleep routine for a better golf game?  Stick with your sleep routine for better golf.

The top golfers in the world are like orchestra leaders conducting a symphony of nutritionists monitoring their food intake, trainers tailoring their workout regimens, coaches calibrating their swings, analysts crunching their statistics and psychologists decluttering their minds. The goal is to be in perfect harmony during the majors. But if the players’ circadian rhythms are off, it is akin to trying to create beautiful music with a percussion section that is a beat slow.

To sleep specialists like Dr. Chris Winter, whose clients include baseball’s Giants, the golfers’ attitudes and practices are as primitive as the once-standard pregame meal of steak and potatoes.

Sleeping aids, he said, often impede deep sleep, during which the body naturally creates human growth hormone, which is key to muscle and tissue recovery. Another major function of sleep is to restore neurons in the brain. The process is central to learning and mastering new information, a key component for golfers who routinely face shifting conditions.

Here’s additional information on how Golfer’s can get a lift with their eyes closed.

How to Sleep Better

No one likes to toss and turn all night, or even worse, struggle with outright insomnia.

There are things you can do to help get a better night’s rest. A consistent wind-down routine every day can help you fall asleep more quickly and reliably.

Try any or all of the following relaxing behaviors just before bedtime to ensure a more restful night.

7 Bedtime Behaviors that will Help You Sleep


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