Benefits of Repeatedly Changing Your Fitness Routine

Your standard exercise routine may seem like a hardy and reliable workout, but if you’ve been following the same circuits for months now, it may not be benefitting you anymore. If your body has adjusted too much to your current workout, you may find that your gains have stalled, your workouts no longer challenge you, and the entire process seems too easy.

You may be proud of breezing through what you once struggled through, but it means your fitness routine isn’t adequately pushing your body. Without resistance, muscle exertion and an increased heart rate, your workout will be ineffective. Try switching up your exercise routine to get things in gear again and make your visits to the gym worthwhile.

1. Keep your workouts interesting

If you’re hitting the gym and going through the exact same routine every few days for weeks or months at a time, you’re probably going to get bored really quickly. When you start a new routine, you’re teaching yourself a new pattern, learning to think about how to improve and develop new moves and figuring out a new rhythm to fall into.

Becoming too acquainted with your workout can make exercising seem like a massive, unstimulating chore. If you’re getting bored working out, you may lose interest entirely and find your visits to the gym become less and less frequent. Prevent workout boredom by introducing a new routine into your schedule and ditching old ones to encourage more excitement about your exercise.

2. Focus on different muscle groups

When you exercise the same muscles over and over again, you encounter two problems: First, eventually you aren’t doing anything new to those muscles, instead you’re teaching them how to become unbelievably familiar with the same routines. This halts all gains and makes your exercise effectively useless. The second issue is that your other muscles—or joints and tendons of muscles that aren’t involved in the particular workouts you use—will be neglected.

Changing your routine allows you to change your focus, which provides new stimulation to your body. For example, if for months you’ve prioritized weightlifting exercises, you may find that it’s a good time to switch to an aerobic exercise routine to improve your heart and respiration rather than your muscle growth. Alternatively, you may find that your stamina and resting heart rate have significantly improved, but your arm muscles haven’t been getting the proper attention. Even a well-rounded exercise, using a cool stuff for guys routine can benefit from switching up to moves that bundle and use muscles in different ways, which can increase your flexibility and overall strength.

3. Jumpstart your weight loss again

Following the same routine over and over seems like the right way to build muscle—after all, repetition is one of the key aspects of muscle development. But if you do the same thing for too long, your improvements will eventually plateau. Even if you keep pushing the weights and reps, your body will eventually become extremely familiar with the same motions. You will no longer develop the micro tears in your muscle that help build strength, instead finding that your muscles have learned to accommodate those movements.

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