Bad Breakfast Food To Ban In Your Household

Whether you have time for a home-cooked breakfast or you’re grabbing something on the go, you want to choose foods that keep your energy up and excess weight off. Here are five foods to eliminate from breakfast—and ban from your pantry altogether.

BBG 6PM2Pastries

Do yourself a favor and step away from the donuts, cronuts, croissants, and any other sugared concoction that’s been baked up in mad-scientist fashion. For starters, donuts will cost you anywhere from 200-500 calories, but the sugar is the main culprit here. They can easily pack 25-50g of the sweet stuff. And that’s if you stop at one.


The carb-bomb that is a bagel rounds out at about 400 calories and 70g of carbohydrates—before butter or cream cheese. A pat of butter is nearly 40 calories, and a tablespoon of cream cheese is about 35. Smear with caution.

Processed meats

Bacon and sausage are the dastardly duo filling your morning with nitrates, nitrites, and saturated fat. With nearly 450mg of sodium in three slices of bacon and 420mg in two links of store-bought breakfast sausage, you’re setting yourself up for failure—and a fatty future.

Sugary cereal

It seems obvious, but, in case it’s not, don’t eat cereals that are neon bright or magically delicious. They’re magically delicious because of sugar—a lot of it. And you know what that means: You’re going to experience a quick rush followed by a quick crash. So you’ll be hungry for more again soon.


The high-fructose corn syrup in your syrup is delicious, and it’s making you fat. If you really think about it, pancakes and French toast are basically cake smothered in sugar. If it doesn’t sound like a well-balanced breakfast, that’s because it’s not.

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