Apple’s Plans For Personal Fitness Technologies

You may think that a tiny fitness tracker on your wrist is not capable of much but Apple begs to differ. Combined with expertise from third-party developers and accessories, the Watch is made even more powerful.

We had a chance to experience several new avenues that Apple is exploring to revolutionize health monitoring and improve personal fitness. These are a few of the experiences that stood out.


Prama is unlike any gym you’ve seen: there are no rowers, treadmills, steppers, exercise bikes or other gym equipment. Instead, you’re greeted with large screens, surround sound speakers, pressure sensitive wallsfloors and LED lights.

Basically, it gives you a complete body workout (strength, agility, speed) by immersing you in a giant game. It’s a strong motivator for someone who shies away from fitness because its boring. An instructor with Apple Watch will be able to control the workouts from his her wrist -this means changing the workouts, swapping music and upping intensityspeed.Prama does require a fairly elaborate installation though and the expense makes it more suitable for gyms rather than houses.


Cardio equipment in gyms already have some sensors and if you’re wearing a smartwatch, there is some data collection going on there as well (activity, heart rate). What if these two could talk to each other, share information and make it easier for you? You won’t waste time trying to set up two devices before a workout.

With GymKit and watchOS 4, you will be able to pair your watch with the equipment with a single tap. Data like calories, distance, floors climbed, incline, pace and heart rate will be synced. Manufacturers like Life Fitness and Technogym are on board (with more coming). You should start seeing these connected fitness machines in gyms later this year.

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