Uphill Lies

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Uphill Lies

To make solid contact from uneven ground, the big thing is taking what the slope gives you. In other words, don’t fight the slope; adjust your setup and swing to accommodate it. Here are three changes you should make for every uneven lie you face.

  • Get your body on the lay of the land
  • Stand wider for extra stability
  • Always lean towards the slope as you can lose your footing once you’re pulled downhill during your swing.

Perhaps the most challenging part of the uphill swing is controlling your swing. Having yourself go at 70 to 80 percent to keep your balance can never be the easiest thing. Especially with different footing on a slope, one cannot see clearly from the onset the strength required to pull off a proper launch.

A perfect way to do this is to set up the slope and then swing up the slope.

It is advisable to follow the slope as you can adjust your aim at address. A great way to do this is to position your shoulders parallel to the ground. Position your ball slightly more forward and your shoulders parallel to the ground.

This gives you a nice feel whenever you need to control your strength during your swing. Hold your finish to keep your clubface open upon impact, sending your ball to the right direction.

Also remember to use the right club. You need a club that has less loft as you want to have control over your ball’s trajectory. The less the loft, the better your trajectory and the quicker you come out of an uphill lie.

Keep working on your angle, your shoulders and controlling your swing strength, and you’ll be back in business for your short game in no time. Remember, with uphill lies, you just need a quarter reduced from your original swing strength and have your legs angled upward using a less lofty club!

Keep practicing and good luck!

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