Tour Sticks: The #1 Training Tool the Pros Use Everyday

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PGA tour athletes understand that achieving accuracy needs a precise strength and power boost before the club head lands on the golf ball. To measure and calculate your swing, you’re going to need our tour sticks.

Tour sticks are useful for understanding your ball flights, putting, setup and even your full swing.

Here are a few drills you could use.

Ball Flight

Tour Sticks can be used to work on a golf fade by standing one stick in the ground 10 feet in front of the golfer in a direct line between the player and the intended target. The second stick (used for alignment) will be placed on the ground aimed on an angle to left of the first stick; the club face will be pointing at the target. The objective is to start your shot to the left of the standing stick–for the right-handed golfer–and have it work back to the hole.

Full Swing

It is a common fault of many golfers to hit the ground before the ball (the fat shot). Tour Sticks can assist golfers in creating consistent impact with a descending motion by being placed on the ground parallel to the intended target ½ inch apart with the ball placed on the sticks. The objective is to strike the ball first with a descending path, yet if the club hits the sticks before the ball, it will bounce into the ball, creating a miss hit.

Short Game

The landing point drill is a great way to practice carrying the ball to the desired point on the green. This is set up by laying a Tour Stick on the ground horizontally 2 inches behind your desired landing. The objective is to then hit your chip and pitch shots, carrying them just beyond the stick. You will get immediate feedback as to whether you are hitting your shots long or short and you will gain a better feel for distance around the greens.

Posture Training

To work on your hip alignment, take two Tour Sticks. Place one through your belt loops (see picture) and lay the other on the ground parallel to your target line. Now take your stance. If your hips are square, the stick through your belt loops should be parallel to the stick on the ground.

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