Should You Try The Extreme Arm Of Veganism?

Being a vegan is plenty tough.

Not only does it mean you can’t eat meat, you can’t eat animal products such as butter, milk, eggs or cheese. Animal products are in a surprisingly huge number of foods, so vegans must even stay away from seemingly innocuous items like marshmallows, Worcestershire sauce, refried beans and pesto.

But if being a vegan isn’t quite challenging enough for you, perhaps you’ll be interested in an even more extreme diet trend—raw veganism. Raw veganism is similar to traditional veganism, but it allows only raw foods. That means raw vegans cannot eat anything that’s been cooked at a temperature above 118 degrees fahrenheit.

Yeah, it’s pretty hardcore. But dedicated raw vegans swear by the diet’s benefits. Tennis star Venus Williams went raw vegan in 2012 after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. “Once I started, I fell in love with the concept of fueling your body in the best way possible. Not only does it help me on the court, but I feel like I’m doing the right thing for me,” Williams recently told HEALTH.

But is this extreme diet really worth the effort? STACK investigates.

Why Would Someone Become Raw Vegan?

Simple—they think it will help them live a healthier life.

According to the popular raw vegan site, the benefits of becoming a raw vegan are nothing short of miraculous.

“At this moment in time, you may be searching for health inspiration rather than giving it. The best way that I know how to describe what someone feels like when they go ‘FullyRaw’ or adapt to a 100% raw foods lifestyle is that they simply want to jump on top of the world and yell, ‘I am free! I found happiness!'” the website reads. Alright, then.

Obviously, focusing on fruits, vegetables and plant-based foods is great for anyone looking to clean up their diet. They’re lower in calories and higher in nutrients than highly processed foods. If you eat more of them, you’ll feel better.

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