Four Reasons Why Golf Courses Are Closing All Over The Country. It’s Too Shocking!

Whenever someone mentions golf, one can remember a time where a businessman would just remove his coat and loosen his tie, pull up his pants and take a starter swing practice. One could remember a time when golf courses forged sacred multi-million deals between conglomerate leaders. Today, that is all changing and these are why.

  1. Golf Is An Elite Sport

When asked, the normal working youth with a stable job would say that a golf membership is too expensive. Another factor is that golf clubs can be very expensive as well, excluding maintenance. Participating in a game could also be costly. However, the major reason why golfers in America are decreasing is because youngsters view it as an elite sport. It’s something beyond their reach, and it’s too time intensive.

With the decreasing attention-deficit caused by technology and media, along with time constraints and hectic schedules, the time for golf could be used for other things. The time for golf for youngsters and some adults have been reduced to an app or a realistic videogame.

  1. Golf Requires Years Of Mastery

One costly example of playing golf is due to its difficulty level. One needs to invest a lot only to play a game that could be frustrating for first-time players. Speaking to Bloomberg, Boxgroove Founder McRedmond Morelli in Bellevue, Washington said “The game is hard, the game can take a lot of time, and it’s expensive. There is no equivalent to the bunny slope on golf.”

  1. Time Constraints

An 18-hole round for most golfers is a gratuitous experience, but it also depends on your experience level. The average time spent inside a golf course is around four hours. It takes six hours to finish an 18-hole round. Golfers growing frustrated could get very tired of staying in one activity.

  1. Star-Powered Industry

The amazing stories of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and other notable PGA Tour stars excite would-be golfers and existing golfers. Their powerful swings and performance is what drives the industry. However, IBISWorld Researcher Will McKitterick said that golf’s stars are the only cornerstones in the industry. The entire sport itself has stopped growing its appeal to younger players, given it has less exposure and its marketing directed at already-existing golfers rather than enticing new players.


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