Feel Your Distance


Feel Your Distance

Having a rough patch in your putting game? Or does your swing get your ball somewhere you don’t want it to be? Maybe you’re focused on something you shouldn’t always turn your attention to.

Concentrating on that swing technique you practiced this week every after work or in your own garage may have delivered some great results during practice. But in game, it’s all about your muscle memory. Your body knows the form you need to succeed. Your hands know when exactly to start the power, retain strength and stop.

Visualize Your Target Line

Ever played a video game of golf before? In these games, before you take your shot, you get a line where your ball potentially travels upon your swing. As these are video games, it is beautiful to see how the ball travels along the line visualized by the game itself.

In real life, you have to visualize the same target line from your starting point to the hole. Tricky as it may seem its usefulness can’t be ignored.

An easy way to do this would be looking from behind your ball. Align your belt buckle or your chin to your ball parallel to the hole. Imagine that line going across the course towards your end target: the hole.

The Swing

However, all of us know when you’re about to take your shot, your eyes would be on your ball and your club. You can’t keep your eyes off your swing because you want to hit that bill with the right speed and power.

However, the solution is indeed looking away from your ball. Instead of looking at your ball and club, practice looking at your target while hitting your ball and club.

Let’s separate your two exercises when you practice at home:

  • Your first exercise would be to master the power and strength of your swing by looking at your ball and club.
  • Your second exercise would be not to look at your ball and club. The target is where your eyes should be as you make your swing.

I know you’ll have some success with this exercise. Good luck!

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