Do You Know Your Self Image?


Do you know your golf self-image?

Know where you belong on the course…mentally.

Do you value yourself or not?  Are you happy, self-confident, and comfortable with yourself?  Would it surprise you to learn that many people quietly and privately do not have a high opinion of themselves?  If you feel that you are one of life’s failures or just not where you want to be, read on.

Self-esteem (self-image) is your opinion of yourself. It is how you regard yourself in terms of your accomplishments, your job, your relationships, and how you think you fit in with the world around you, and yes, how you play golf. Having healthy self-esteem means you value your contribution and have a high regard for yourself. Conversely, having an unhealthy (or low) self-esteem means you feel your contribution is negligible and you are of little no value to anyone.

What’s more, if you do see yourself as a failure, your ego has a vested interest in creating self-sabotage to make sure eternal failure stays that way. Why? To reinforce the self-image it has created and, at the same time prove it is right! Always remember your ego likes to reinforce its viewpoint by being proved right, and it doesn’t like change!

Your self-esteem develops at an early age, beginning with how you were treated as a child.  It continues into adulthood and can be impacted by failed relationships, rejection, disappointments in school, job, relationships, etc.  In many instances, it was formed by our interpretation of how someone acted or what they said, regardless of their intentions. Today at this very moment, you are carrying around an entire suitcase of self-opinions some as old as your days as a toddler.

The following is a plan you might consider if you want to raise your self-esteem.  Some will tell you that raising your low self-esteem is not going to be easy. If you think it will be, you are right.  If you think otherwise, you are equally correct.  The only person who can do it is you – no one else can do it for you. No amount of external intervention can help you raise your self-esteem if you don’t want to do it. Wanting to have healthy self-esteem is your conscious choice.

So how can you develop healthy self-esteem? Listed below are ten areas you will want to address.

Ten Ways to Increase Your Self-Esteem/Self-Image

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