Chipping Pre-Shot Routine


I’ve played lots of games especially my local tournament. Every year, I try to join in and compete. Each time, my team would always encounter something troublesome. I noticed the average of players for both competing teams are often held back by chipping.

In fact, considering even professional games I’ve watched, professional players themselves fidget from the idea of chipping in the green. This adds to their scores towards having their first few bogeys.

To avoid this, you need to practice hard in the range. You’ll also have to develop your own pre-shot commitment as a start to your workout routine.

This begins when you approach the ball. Now, what do we actually think about when we practice our swing outside the ball?

We have to perfect the technique. Everything must fit right. From the mechanical aspects of our body to the feel of the swing. But all this practice gets lost when we’re behind the ball because we’re thinking about hitting a target now.

It’s similar to playing basketball and landing a penalty free throw. You’re thinking more about dribbling rather than getting in there and shooting the ball to score.

I have a great tip for you. Continue to practice outside the ball

Then, use your belt buckle as a measuring or perspective tool. As soon as it squares with the ball as you set up to it, think only of trusting your swing. Focus on where you want your ball to hit. Call your shot. Say it out loud. Allow your mind and your body adjust for what is needed for the situation.

In no time, you get that spark of thought naturally every single swing and you’ll be focused on your game quickly.

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