Head Up At Address


The Casual Golfer’s Mistake

Many recreational golfers don’t keep their face down at address. This posture forces them to depend on their peripheral vision to strike the ball. For maximum accuracy, it is always best to use the center of your vision (foveal vision).

Face Down & Head Up

To force yourself to focus the center of your vision on the golf ball, make sure that your face is down. Because this position doesn’t allow for a full shoulder turn, use two fingers to push your head up so that it is in line with your spine.

Correct Setup Position

From this position (face down & head up), the center of your vision is focused on the golf ball, and you are able to make a proper shoulder turn.

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  1. MaqhingendodaVideo

    Power comes from your legs and trunk and other large muscles. I think the hands and arms are the least itnromapt factors in hitting for power. Clubhead speed comes from a proper sequencing of movements throughout the swing. I am 175 pounds soaking wet and cant bench press 130 pounds but I carry my driver about 285.

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