Two Secrets to Better Chipping


Two Secrets To Better Chipping

It’s the last stretch to the 9th hole and you can’t wait to put it all in the bag. Closer than a few more yards, it’s time to do some chipping.

Now, some sort of fear conquers you. You do understand that chipping isn’t much a forte on your end. In fact, chipping is something you dread heavily.

But there are two secrets that could give you better chipping technique.

Speed Retention and Standing Close to the Ball

Most golfers have a problem with retaining speed at the right time during their chipping. What I often do is when I set up to it, I place my eyes on top of the golf ball.

I want my eyes literally almost on top of the golf ball while my handle is pointing right at my sternum.

Now, keep your grip consistent and keep the speed on each shot you do.

Prepare three balls at the same area. The first one may travel a bit short because you have yet to feel through your speed and distance towards the ball.

Meanwhile, the second shot would travel farther, but still less in power than what you really need.

The last shot travels furthest because you have mastered the right type of speed and closeness you need to succeed in the shot.

With a bit more practice, I know you’ll have some success with it!



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